NFL Pro Football Wagering Tips

For a very serious handicapper the pro football week starts on Tuesday morning when the opening lines come out for the upcoming weekend. Early week line movements can strongly influence the public because they believe there must be someone who knows something on the inside about the matchup that no one else knows. When this happens the final line  when the game starts  ends up usually being being a point or two even higher because so many people are  wagering  on the same  team  .

This is  known as  a bookmakers wet dream because in many cases the team everyone is wagering on only wins by what the point spread was  on Tuesday or Wednesday  and everyone loses but the bookmaker. If this sounds familiar to you in your pro football betting history then more then ever you need a pro football handicapper that  will avoid these pit falls  .

Another trap people today fall into in pro football is when a star player is listed as probable all week and everyone bets against that players team and the pointspread line moves 2-3 points close to gametime. Well when the game starts off to everyones shock the player is totally fine, has a great game and once again everyone loses but the bookmaker. If this has happened to you, stop throwing away your money on pro football every week and get qualified weekly pro football picks from an expert.

Even if a player is absolutely not playing that does not always mean you should bet against that team. In some cases the backup is just as good or even better then the starting player. You do not know how good the backup is doing during the week in practice so why would you think he will not play as well as the star player.

There are many factors to call a game in pro football as a best bet:

1. How good a team plays as a favorite, whether it is single digit or double digit favorite. (example, 7 points or 14points).

2. How good a team plays in the underdog role, and again some perform better when favored by a small number compared to a large #.

3. How good a team plays at home and on the road. Again as a favorite or dog.

4. A team playing another team in the same conference and division compared to playing out of the division. (example, NFC vs AFC, NFC East vs NFC West)

5. Does a NFL team play to its competition. (up or down).

6. Is there an injury to a player who is not a star but a key part to the offense or defense.

7. Has there been a coaching change.

8. Are there any inside disputes going on that the public as not been aware of.

There are so many intangibles and unknown players in pro football that it is virtually impossible for the average person to stay on top of it all, there is just not enough hours in the day for an average person to research and handicap every team correctly.

These are just some of many key blunders gamblers make wagering on pro football weekly. We know we can not do your job better then you, so why would you feel you can do our job better then us? You can’t, stop wasting your time and money, call 1-877-252-0425 for free nfl picks  and free sports picks this weekend.

An Excitement of Luxurious Relaxation – Byron Bay Apartments

So you have decided to spend your next holiday in Byron Bay. I congratulate you on a excellent decision. Byron Bay is one of the best vacation places in Australia. Located in New South Wales, this beach side town has been a popular vacation destination for generations of Aussies. This is no surprise because this town is fairly close to the large regional metropolitan center of Brisbane. Furthermore, Byron Bay boasts of great surfing spots and close enough to tropical hiking trails at Nightcap National Park. Make use of this guide to help you use online resources properly to get the perfect offers and make your vacation at Byron Bay as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible.

Try reverse auction websites for locating Byron Bay Hotels

Your hotel options dramatically impact just how much fun you will have at Byron Bay. There is a huge different between decent hotels and bad ones. You don’t want to ruin your holiday staying in a dive. Among the best methods to obtain a deal on good Byron Bay accommodation is to use sites like Priceline and similar sites make use of a reverse auction model. You enter the place where you want to spend your vacation in, and you type in your spending budget target. The reverse auction system then detects Byron Bay hotels that satisfy or beat your price target. You would be surprised as to how many hotels really cater to your budget. Nevertheless, do not stop here. It’s one thing to find cheap hotels, it’s another to locate inexpensive hotels that are good enough for your requirements.

Use evaluation websites to compare Byron Bay Hotels

As soon as you’ve discovered hotels that will fit your budget, your following move is to evaluate them to each other. You would like to choose the one that has the best rating amongst the group. Visit evaluation websites like tripadvisor and yelp to get the inside scoop on the accommodations you are considering. Sure, your hotel might be cheap enough but is it good enough to stay in? These evaluation websites will inform you. Watch out for fake critiques though. Focus on patterns and don’t always believe everything you read on review sites.

Take into account Byron Bay Apartments

While many vacationers automatically believe they need to stay in a resort for their holiday, you can find better value accommodation alternatives out there. If the numbers add up correctly, you might be better off taking into consideration Byron Bay apartments for your journey to Byron Bay. How come?  If you’re going to stay for a longer period of time, this housing option may offer you a significant discount on your Byron Bay accommodation.

Moreover, you just have far more flexibility with an apartment than with a hotel. You may have much more individuals over, you can have a party, you could cook whatever you would like. For more freedom and perhaps crazier memories, try searching for Byron Bay apartments instead. How can you find one? Just search online for short-term stay flats. There are lots of online directories. There may also be Craigslist listings for apartments at the time you need them.